Welcome to Foodologoy101.com, a blog dedicated to sharing and exploring good, healthy and nutrition packed food. My name is Lauren Wilson and I live and workout in Virginia Beach, VA. I’m a Crossfitter at EvoFit – a personal training studio in VA Beach run by two of the greatest, hardest, butt-kicking trainers, Debbie Puckett and Joey Guth who believe that great health not only comes from trying your hardest and pushing yourself, but from educating yourself on the right foods to eat. The idea for the blog came from Debbie and Joey teaching us the Paleo way of life but realizing they were missing the “cook” (anyone that knows Debbie, knows how she feels about being in the kitchen). Jasmine Stark, a true foodie at heart, thought that eating Paleo was crazy and unheard of. She’s half German so bread and cheese were a staple for her growing up. She learned that Paleo is not only the best way of eating for you, it also can be extremely tasty, easy to cook and well worth the change. She started this blog and has since passed the Paleo torch on to me.

Foodology101 isn’t a strict, full Paleo blog but aims to take everyday classic recipes we all love and making them healthier and better than the original. I encourage any ideas or comments on any of the recipes posted and would love ideas and suggestions for what to cook next!Foodologly101 is part teaching, part testing and part exploring how food choices and cooking healthy for yourself and family can change your life. Bon Appetit!!

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