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Since I don’t do dairy I’ve been using the So Delicious brand creamer. I really like it. It tastes great. Especially the french vanilla that’s my favorite. But when you start to read all the ingredients it’s like, “whoa, too much!” So when I started learning how to use coconut cream as a whipped cream I thought, “maybe this could be used as coffee creamer”. I have been using coconut cream to dip strawberries and other fruit in and usually keep the Trader Joes brand chilling in the fridge. So I decided to put the coffee and coconut cream in my Magic Bullet. I do this when using coconut oil in my coffee and it makes it so frothy I figured this was the way to go. I added a large cup of coffee with a heaping tablespoon of coconut cream and a teaspoon of raw honey(also from trader joes). It turned out great! The top was frothy just like a latte and the coffee was just sweet enough with the honey and mild flavor of the coconut. What a great combo! When you make your own you can definitely add more or less of the cream and change up the sweetener to maple syrup or whatever you like to use. Or just use nothing at all.
Using the coconut cream is such a great way to know exactly what you’re putting in your body. It’s also such a great alternative for people that can not have dairy. It’s pretty cheap too. A can of cream is around a dollar or so and it lasts me sometimes over a week. I use it with other things though when I’m wanting a little treat. I’m sure you will start to experiment with it too.
***Just remember not to store your open can in the fridge. Leaving an open can in the fridge can make you extremely sick and also causes botulism. I just scoop everything out into a Tupperware container as soon as I open it.
Also, the coconut cream will have a little liquid in it. Cover the top and leave a small opening and pour the liquid into the sink or trash can before using the cream.

Hope you like it! 20140730-102412-37452342.jpg



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