Keeping Tailgating Mostly Paleo!


It’s football season!! What does that mean for me? Trying to keep my friends and boyfriend from not eating chips, dips, pizza, nachos and everything else that comes with boys (and girls) at football tailgates. Not a huge football fan, but I do enjoy beer, food and loud cheering. This Sunday was the kickoff game for the Redskins vs Cowboys which meant transforming normal tailgate fare for Paleo-inspired treats! Here’s what our spread looked like:

Tailgate Party!! (+ Beer)

It featured:

1. Five-Spice Chicken Wings (delicious, sweet and salty sauce covered with sesame seeds!)

2. Portabello “Mock” Pizzas (not quite the real thing but just as good and super versatile)

3. Garlicky Summer Squash Fritters (Found this off of Mark’s Daily Apple – great recipe! Topped these with Greek Yogurt and green onions – SO GOOD!)

4. Prosciutto-Wrapped Dates (sweet and salty goodness)

I promise you that you’ll be satisfied with a spread like this! Easy, quick meals that don’t cost a fortune and won’t make you regret your night choices the next day. Send me your tailgate ideas!!! We may have a prize for the best submitted recipe…

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Jasmine Stark. Jasmine loves food. But for the past few years, she's been dedicated to eating the right kind of foods. And that usually means re-inventing her own healthy versions of her every day favorites and Food Network inspirations. She's got a natural talent for combining ingrediants and flavors, and we're always excited to be a part of her tasting crew.

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