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RECALL on Nut Butters

August 20th 2014 | Christina

Hey guys! just wanted to make you aware of […]



May 25th 2014 | Christina

Help out the community by picking some fresh strawberries […]

*Coconut Oil* check out this article

March 13th 2014 | Christina

WE LOVE COCONUT OIL!!! Check out this article from […]


Eat More Carrots

June 4th 2013 | Lauren

This is the first of many installments of the new series I’m calling “Eat More”. Everyone is aware of the variety of healthy food choices available, but how much do you REALLY know? Check out this post to learn more.


Processed Meats Declared too Dangrous for Human Consumption

May 22nd 2013 | Lauren

I know processed foods aren’t good for you, but now they’re dangerous? Check out this article to see why processed meats are a hazard to your health.


Top 6 Exercise Excuses and How to Beat Them

March 20th 2013 | Lauren

Spring has sprung! How are you doing with YOUR New Year’s resolution? If you’re in a rut, check out this article. It will explain how it’s time to stop making excuses and start getting fit! A healthy diet paired with an active lifestyle will help you be happier, energized and more confident when the dreaded ‘bathing suit’ season comes around.

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